Angel Baby Stroller Organizer Diaper Bag w/ SHOULDER STRAP & WIPES POCKET

Great stroller organizer with insulated cup holders

This stroller organizer is good for most strollers. It is about 12/13 inches wide and then has the Velcro straps that go out to the side. They would safely give you another 8/9 inches of reach. So, can easily attach to most strollers with handles between 13″ and 21″ inches wide. That way you can still use the entire length of the heavy duty Velcro closure. It has two insulated deep drink compartments. It will hold a 20 ounce cup in one and the child’s sippy cup or bottle in the other. Since they are so deep, you do not have to worry about them spilling!

The center compartment is also lined. You could put food or something that might sweat or leak and be able to wipe it out easily. It is not overly large, but definitely bigger than the little area strollers have built in where you can usually put your keys and phone. This would fit some small items, little snacks for the kids. Or a couple of diapers, or maybe your wallet & keys.

There are also, 2 thin pockets in the front, 1 is mesh and 1 is material. They are good for phones, small teethers, money and other small thinner items. There is a magnetic catch for the top middle to close. I wouldn’t count on it to hold things securely. It catches on a thin bar that makes up the frame, and doesn’t hold well on mine. There is also a zipper pocket in the back, closer to the stroller where you can keep money or other flat valuables.

This stroller organizer definitely helps keep things at hand and easier to find. It is also great because it doesn’t interfere with closing my stroller. It might have to come off an umbrella stroller, but most full size strollers should be good. It is easy to remove if necessary. It is made well made of polyester. I purchased this stroller organizer at a discounted rate for my review.

12″ x 7″ x 3″
Easy to wipe clean

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Vino Mio Foldable Wine Bottle (SET of 2) – Collapsible, Foldable and Lightweight – 750ML Wine Pouch

I wanted these for going to concerts. I don’t drink wine, but I love rum runners. I figured these should work as long as I was not trying to put carbonated drinks in them. If they didn’t work, I have lots of friends who have a good sense of humor. I thought I would fill them with water and put them in a wine bag to give them for Christmas with a little bag of coal at the bottom of the bag. Guess they miss out on getting that gift, because they work great! @ should last a few hours with my husband and I drinking from them at the beach.

As I hinted, I think these would be good as a practical joke. I think that those who have a sense of humor, love wine, love drinking, love portable alcohol, and/or like pushing the boundaries of what is allowed would like these. They would make a great gift for many special occasions. Awesome birthday gift, cheap Christmas gifts, anniversary & retirement! For her, him, Mom & wine lovers!

Great for taking to concerts and festivals, sporting events, cruises, backyard BBQs, parties, beaches, pools, picnics, tailgating, hikes, camping trips, skiing, RVing, boating and fishing. Even bachelorette parties! Perfect for BYOB restaurants. Cruises!! Any place where glass is prohibited! This wine bottle is durable enough to toss in a purse, backpack, suitcase or cooler. Leak proof and shatterproof, this wine bottle can hold up to 750ml bottle. It fills the bottle almost to the top with a little room to spare. It has an easy to fill wide mouth and is easy to pour, preventing spills and other accidents. Just simply fold it up once done for easy storage.

How to use:
Open your wine bottle.
Twist the cap of your VINO MIO and slowly pour the wine from the original packaging to the flexible portable wine bottle.
Fill the bottle almost to the top, leaving about 10% empty.
Seal the portable wine bottle and massage to remove unwanted air bubbles, including the bottom and corners to further expand the plastic.
Fill the remainder of the bottle.
Twist tightly, place cap goes on securely and does not leak & enjoy anywhere you want!
They are also easy to clean, just put some warm water in and shake it around a bit. Make sure to let completely air dry before folding and putting away.

BPA Free
I received these wine bottles for my review.

$13.99 on Amazon & Prime eligible

Perfect Size Silicone Ice Cube Trays, “FREEZERS”, Set of 2

No Odor, No Aftertaste

I ordered these for keeping in the freezer in the gazebo. They work great. I set them on a cookie tray to carry them out, and put them in the freezer. As soon as I empty one I fill it, so it is ready for the next time. I love that I can remove the ice cubes without having to take them inside and run water over them or leave them to sit a bit so they melt some before removing them from the tray. Silicone is definitely the way to go. It is so easy to remove them. Just poke the bottom of the cube you want to remove, and it slides right out. No having to touch it. It is definitely a good idea to put the ice in before the drink, though. These trays make cubes that are 1 1/4″ square.

I have also used these to make Jello jigglers for the grand kids. The silicone trays work really well and the jigglers came out whole.

BPA free
FDA approved
Dishwasher safe
Lifetime Guarantee
7.3″ x 4.5″ x 1.4″
I purchased these at a discounted rate for my review.

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Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale


I wanted this scale as I have been working out for 3 months. I know I am doing good, but my scale wasn’t reflecting it as much as my mirror or my clothing. I have lost 2 sizes in clothing, but only 4 pounds. I LIKE this scale. It provides instant adult and infant weight measurements. Embedded with StepOn technology, it automatically powers on upon contact and features 4 touch sensitive buttons. In order to get accurate measurements on anything other than weight you must first set up your profile. It will maintain 8 different profiles. Once you set yours up, you are able to monitor your body’s changes.

This scale comes with a book of instructions . . . yes, a BOOK! Here are the basics: The scale has to be level (no carpets), you must be barefoot with dry feet and be standing on the silver circles. Before using to get and keep track of your body metrics you will need to set your profile. The instructions are very specific. You must press SET, and answer the various questions while the unit is sitting on the floor and then, BEFORE the blinking stops get on and stay on. It should read your weight then blink across while it gathers its data, then displays the rest. If you don’t get on immediately after going thru the setup it will only display weight.

Hit SET to go into profile mode, then you select the profile number (1-8) with up & down keys. Hit SET. Then you will do the same with the other parameters it requests, gender, height, age and athletic/non-athletic. Be sure to hit set after each selection. After entering your Age, the scale will display “0.0”. Immediately step onto the scale in your bare feet and remain standing. The scale will save your profile and display your weight, but STAY ON it. It will then calculate body fat, hydration, muscle mass and bone measurements.

The scale uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). A very small, harmless electrical current passes through your body tissues, slower through fat and quicker through muscle. Resistance is what is being measured. So, actually it is not analyzing your body fat percentage so much as your body density. The scale then takes this reading and uses a formula to give you a body fat percentage reading. This is then run through an algorithm that assesses the quality of the reading against the age/weight inputs to determine a statistical representation of your actual makeup. Typically, a 20 year old weighing 140 lbs is going to be less fat than the same person at 40 weighing the same amount. So the distribution is skewed based on that. Also, your bone density decreases with age so it’s accounted for by your age. . . basically it’s just a bunch of math (albeit sophisticated and quite accurate). Remember that it uses a mild electric current to determine everything but weight, so anything that causes your body to conduct/impede the current more than normal can throw the readings off.

Once you do the initial set up (the first time you use it), all you have to do is step on it. It gives the weight first, then about 5 seconds or so later starts to list the various categories. You can step off the scale and it will continue to scroll through again, one or two more times. It measures in 0.2 pound measurements.

This scale is great for those who weigh their babies (or pet/luggage) by holding them on the scale with them. It has a TARE button. Press it, and it helps calculate the measurements for you. You can easily switch to and from metric readings with a button on the bottom of the scale. I received this for my review.

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HoMegaStyle Lemon Squeezer and Grater/Zester

I wanted this heavy duty lemon squeezer for my sister in law when she comes to visit. She is Mexican and uses “limons” on everything she cooks and in all her sauces. Everything she cooks is delicious so if she wants to use our kitchen we all ask what she needs, lol. This squeezer works well, getting all of the juice from a lime or lemon. It took me a while to get her comfortable using it, but I am buying her one for her home now, too. It is made from premium stainless steel so it will never break, rust or peel. It’s ergonomically designed, silicone covered handles prevent slippage and make it comfortable to use. It can be used for cuties, naval or blood oranges, clementines, mandarins and other smaller oranges as the as the squeezer bowl is over 3 inches in diameter! It has a hook on the end that you can hang it from.

To use, roll the lemon on the counter breaking the internal membranes, cut the lemon in half and then insert the lemon in the squeezer pulp DOWN.

This lemon zester works so well on my lemon and orange peels. I love that I can use it for just a little peel, then so easily clean it and put it away. Or take it out, grate a little Parmesan cheese on top of my food and do the same, rather than having to pull out my square grater that I hate cleaning. The HoMega grater/zester is VERY sharp. It is made of lazer etched stainless steel to prevent rust. It comes with a nice, non slip ergonomic handle that fits nicely in my hand. Thankfully, it does come with a protective cover to keep you from removing your skin should you bump it in a drawer. It also has a hole at the end that you can hang it from. The zester is dishwasher safe. I received this set for my review.

Purchase on Amazon now. $21.95 & Amazon Prime eligible

85 Pieces Creative Builder Set from Koolsupply

I bought this for my 2 1/2 year old grandson for Christmas. It will be easy enough for him to put together and take apart. I did notice that if it is tightened really tight he would have trouble, but as long as he is the one putting it together and taking it apart he will be able to do it on his own. The pieces go together with plastic screws and it has a screwdriver/wrench combo tool for him to use, although he can just use his fingers if he chooses. There are 85 pieces total in a variety of colors and shapes. It is bright and creative. I am sure kids under 12 would enjoy it, with the thrill fading as they get older. It comes with 4 wheels so they can make most things they imagine with wheels so they have the ability to move/roll them.

It is stored in an easy to carry storage case that has locking handles to keep them together. There is an instructional poster that shows examples of what they can create to get them started. When pieces are loosely put together they can still move. You can build a man and have his arms and legs move or build a soldier and have his sword go up and down.

It is billed as an educational toy, and it would be very easy to have your children learn with this while playing. They can learn their colors, shapes, sizes (longest, shortest, biggest, smallest), they can count or sort them in various ways (color, shape), and so much more as they progress. Teach them patterns and critical thinking all while using fine motor skills and coordination..

Children will think of something new to build each time, or build their favorites again, but like Legos, it is a toy that they will come back to over and over again. I received this for my review.

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Great reusable straws no one is going to chew

I bought these as they are great for using when we have parties. My husband likes to make cocktails and shakes, and these come in handy. The straws stay in the cups instead of falling out or blowing away, and nobody is chewing them. I can throw them in the dishwasher and reuse them.

I keep getting compliments on them when I have friends over. I wanted some more with the holidays coming up. The metal is not heavy, they are really very light. No more having to buy throw away straws. They kids are not chewing these either, lol. They look great, are dishwasher safe and come with brush that will clean them good, too. The brush comes in handy when I make milk or protein shakes. The straws fit in glasses and cans very well. They look nice with the stainless steel implements we have on our bar. It probably doesn’t make much of a difference, but the stainless steel does hold the cold a little due to it being chilled by the ice. I purchased these at a discount for my review. #xchef

$8.99 on Amazon and Prime eligible

Stainless steel cocktail shaker & jigger

I recently bought a cocktail shaker because we have been having more parties, and people have asking for some drinks that are suppose to be shaken. I find myself using it more frequently than I thought I would. I bought this one for my son & daughter in law. My husband is building them a bar for their new house, and this is an accessory that every well stocked bar should have.

You use a cocktail shaker if preparing a mixed drink containing fruit juice, cream, or eggs (but not for soda or other carbonated mixers). Shaking introduces tiny air bubbles into the mixture. This gives drinks containing fruit juice a slightly frothy appearance, and those containing egg whites a foamy, meringue-like head. Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Whiskey Sour, Ramos Gin Fizz. To make these drinks you add the ingredients to the cocktail shaker, add ice to fill halfway. Then, shake thoroughly. Shake for about 30 seconds for a Margarita or a Daiquiri. For a Ramos Gin Fizz calls for up to 5 minutes. Next, strain into a cocktail glass and add garnish.

The Bartender Brat cocktail shaker and jigger are made of shiny stainless steel. The lid fits the shaker tight and doesn’t leak, and the jigger measures ½ oz and 1 oz. The top of the cocktail shaker has a small strainer to serve the liquid in the glass without adding the solid ingredients. You only have to close the cocktail shaker, take off the little cap, and serve over ice. Straining the solid ingredients out of your drink is so easy. This avoids the sticky mess of using a separate strainer and keeps ice, fruit, herbs and other ingredients out of your drink, and in the shaker. Ensures a perfect, smooth cocktail.

Hot liquids may build up pressure within the shaker, and cause unexpected spray of contents.You should let the liquids cool before using the shaker. It is also not recommended for use with carbonated beverages as they will build pressure when shaken, too. If you use your cocktail shaker and have a metallic flavor to the cocktails, wash the shaker completely with soap and water, and add a teaspoon of baking soda. You may even want to keep the shaker submerged overnight.

Elegant looking
Durable stainless steel
Rust proof
Leak proof
Dishwasher safe

Packages contents:
3 piece cocktail shaker (25 oz / 750 ml)
1 Double Jigger Size (½ & 1 oz / 15 & 30 ml )
I received this cocktail shaker for my review.             #xchef

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Knee Support Brace (Black) | Premium Breathable Neoprene | Open Patella Design for Knee Pain


quality, breathable, neoprene knee support brace for either knee

I wanted this, because since I was 18 and my knee cap dislocated and I had to go to the emergency room to have it put back in the correct position, my knee has been weak. I have done physical therapy a couple of times after re-injuring it. I have learned now to wear a brace when my knee feels fatigued or stressed. I have some warning most times before the knee goes out. It is really susceptible if I am walking on uneven ground or up hills. I love to hike, and a knee brace allows me to do this. This one is really comfortable. The inside of the brace is really soft, and it fits around my leg and stays put. My previous one used to slide down after a while which is very frustrating, and when hiking and sweating can be somewhat painful. If a brace doesn’t stay in place it can do more damage than good.

This quality neoprene knee support brace has an open patella design to relieve pressure and help reduce knee joint fatigue from intense exercises and heavy usage. It has a reinforced patella stabilizer to hold the patella in proper position and to help stabilize the ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL ligaments. It guides the knee cap into proper motion and relieves some of the knee pain post-surgery, or from strains, tendonitis, arthritis and just sore knees.

It has 3 adjustable Velcro straps, and 2 steel side bar stabilizers to give full support the the entire knee. It is a flexible and breathable material. It can be used for sports recovery. Comfortably fits most knee circumferences up to 18″ On Left and Right Knee. If you are seeing either a surgeon or physical therapist you should ask if this brace is right for you. I received this for my review.  #NewGenre

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Wakey Bold Morning Coffee Pods For Keurig in Recyclable K Cups – 3 Pack Offered by Nature Cups


I purchased these Keurig pods at a discount for my review. I LOVE coffee! I can drink coffee the looks and almost taste likes water. I can drink coffee that is a medium flavor. I can drink a bitter coffee. I can even drink the the sludge left on the burner all night, but I truly appreciate a great cup of coffee. My preference is for it strong and black. Wakey Bold Morning Coffee is rich and flavorful. It is a good tasting coffee that goes down well with no additives. I found this coffee delicious.

It is a 3 Pack box of single-serve cups of Wakey Bold coffee blend that are Keurig 2 compatible. These k cups work in all k cups “single serve” style brewers including all of the original Keurigs and the new Keurig 2.0 coffee maker. These k cups are made in the USA from recyclable materials. Nature Cups has minimized the time between harvesting, roasting, grinding and sealing, so you receive fresh harvested ground coffee in each and every cup..

Everyone likes their coffee different. It is a personal choice. I prefer my coffee strong with a bold flavor. This coffee perfectly fits that bill. ‪#‎naturecups‬

On Amazon 12 pack, $0.83/cup with free shipping

On Amazon 12 pack, $0.83/cup with free shipping